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Haven't been on in years.

2014-05-13 00:53:56 by Masterwabbit

And unfortunatly, Flash looks like it's no longer part of my future. Eh, maybe I'm wrong for now, but I've been busy with so many other things that this is just... here I guess. Oh well, I had fun animating and making the few games I did. Not much money from it, but it was worth a shot. So, take a gander if you want to. I can't look at it without wincing, thinking "I can do so much better than this now". 


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2014-05-13 03:19:46

Yeah, the portable pap seems to be the brass ring everyone in gaming is chasing. Ah, you were just a kid when you made an account here, surely you have improved. Keep farting around, it's a good outlet to maintain... something that's totally under your control, from beginning to end.

Check out some of this guy's work


2014-09-06 03:50:46

Good on your for updating your news feed so many just...disseapear